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Finally, an update! Sounds like things are crazy busy at your house, same here, except I don't work on my Martha Stewertness all the time. LOL I hope you update more and share some pictures of those super sweet kids!


hey tamara. update your blog! :P

Max Boughner

The nasty hail was noisome when it finally hit your roof, didn't it? I wouldn't go out to make snow cones, or else, I'll end up battered to the face by small but hard hail droplets.


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  • People always ask me, "Is there anything you don't do?" and I like to reply with, "Well.. I don't eat peas"... joking of course. There is PLEANTY of things I can't do... and I may not do everything perfect.. but I do enjoy sharing and that is what this blog is for.. for me to share the things I do. I may not always explain things all that well.. and I am the typo queen. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check back in often! -Tamara

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