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Very pretty!


I might try to make one for Lauren. Love it!!!!

Shanna G.

Thank you so much for sharing this!!


Thanks you guys!
And.. you're welcome! Enjoy!


I really like these. I think I'm going to try to make a few for myself, actually. Do you think you could add feathers to one of the layers?


Joanna.. I bet you could! Maybe add some between the smaller layer of petals and the larger layer? I bet that would be adorable!


Amazing tut Tamara!! I'll be linking this on my blog! :)


Thanks, Gina! What is YOUR blog link?

Angry Julie Monday

Awesome T, not that I'm crafty at all. I stumbled your post...expect greatness.


Stumbled? Huh? LOL.


Can't wait to give this a try! My girls will love this. Not sure if I can wait for felt, can you find nice felt in any actual B&M stores?

Also looking for a new sewing machine, what do you use?


Amanda.. I know some craft stores carry felt that is good quality.

Flowers Japan

Some times things created artificially appeal more than the Natural ones. Your Floral designs are just like that, Colors full of variety and finishing at its extreme.

sharleen flowers2world.com

Love this Crafting
I know some craft stores carry felt that is good quality.

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i love to making this Flowers..
going very well...
Keep the Ball rolling:-)

creative recreation

I have been looking through your blog, I love your projects they are so cute and the fabric projects are awesome.Thanks for sharing,


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Roxanne Sio

I LOVE TO MAKE FLORAL HEAD PIECES! They're amazing. I just recently got married and can not to have children! I already want to start sewing some of the dresses you have created... only that I have no measurements, no sewing machine, and no sewing skills lol! However, since I'm married, have no children, and moved across country blogging is my new favorite thing to do! So I created your floral piece :] I took a picture of it and would like to show it to you but I am not sure how

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Swetha Gowda

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